NEW Buugeng + 4 socks Tribal fusion S staff Juggling art Festival gear Flow | Contact buugeng 82/87cm 4 pieces UV Glow

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Birch plywood, Magnets, UV colors, Varnish



BuugengJAH presents to you the new Buugeng Socks!
i really exited to writh you about that guys!
ass a super buugengster i found myself traveling around the world with too many sets of buugengs, and also thohght what can i do for all the buugengsters for having more designs without buying more sets, so i created great idea of socks for the shapes of the buugengs! with this socks you can change the design very easily and fast for having more in one! this socks not going up on the handles for keeping the best flow!
the socks looks awesome in day light and super glow in uv lamp.
you can choose your design print on the fabric, like stripes or triangles and more.
just send me massege and we will find together the best idea for you 🙂

about the shape and sizes:
Use the Contact Buugeng for 2 Buugeng show. Fits both experienced and beginners Buugengsters, the contact Buugeng has a wide angular shape and a curved handle that can produce amazing isolations and circles.

All of our Buugeng-sets are Top quality art work, both designed and tested by Hanan Harush, owner of BuugengJAH, flow arts performer and manufacturer. Crafted and painted from the best materials and with years of experience both in woodcrafts and in performing Buugeng and flow.

Choose your special design from the different collections or ask for a custom request. Also check out the G.o4 collection

Contact Buugeng Sizes:
-82cm (32.28Inch) for height under 1.7m (5.57ft).
-87cm (34.25Inch) large. fits almost everyone. may be a little small for 1.9m (6.2ft) height and above .
-95cm (37.40Inch) XL, for advanced players and challenge-lovers and above 1.9m height.

Comes with FREE Carry-bag!

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced Juggler/performer/buugengster/etc or you don’t have any background at all, the Buugeng is for everybody! Buy one and explore your body and movements in a different way. It’s a great exercise for your body and mind, improves your flexibility, coordination and muscles. Can produce beautiful shapes and illusions for professional artists for stage performance or for your friends or as a gift. Great gift for rave parties, festivals, music events or simply playing and relaxing in your room or outdoors.

Special requests are always welcomed!

Watch this link to see if 4 Buugeng performance is right for you

Prices for the contact Buugengs in my shop vary between 149$ to 199$, depends on the design you choose.

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