Just A Large Taste

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Just A Large Taste

this option built for who just started with buugeng And just want a light push.

on this package includes the basics steps like one & two beats introduction, nice extra gift – 4 lessons of liquid wave and very important information you must know about size, shapes, streching, buugeng direction and how to save your prop.

Start your Buugeng  journey with Gustavo Ollitta!



Introduction video
Size and shapes explanation
Standing stretching repair
How to open and close your buugeng on a safety way
Knowing the direction of your buugeng and how to play with it

One beat introduction:
1 beat introduction
1 beat outwards
1 beat top of your head inwards
1 beat top of your head outwards
1 beat side of the body outwards
1 beat side of the body inwards

Two Beats Introduction:
2 beats outwards
2 beats same direction same time forward
2 beat concept backwards
2 beats inwards
2 beats introduction concept with different angels repair

New Gift -Liquid Weave:
Liquid weave concept
Liquid Weave top of your head
Liquid weave side of your body left side
Liquid weave side of your body right side


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