Advanced Package

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Advanced package  :


Advanced package  :
Learn advanced tricks with 2 and 4 buugeng with Gustavo! On this Package you will be able to learn unique concepts of S-Staff Manipulation that involves Isolation Techniques, liquid Weave with 4 buugengs, different ways to play with the magnetics from you buugeng and much more!

Advanced package sections and lessons:

introduction section:
Introduction video
Size and shapes explanation
Standing stretching repair
How to open and close your buugeng on a safety way
Knowing the direction of your buugeng and how to play with it

Advanced techniques:
Mixing and switching directions
Point switching directions
Switching directions by turning around the body
Fusion in between hoop isolation to the sides
Isolation from the points split time
Same direction, opposite rotation
Transition from holding on the center to the point of the buugengs
Isolation as a hoop
Opposite direction isolation fingerspin side ways
Caps isolation-new
Isolation same direction same rotation
Changing direction of the buugeng, switching buugengs repair
One beat behind the back
Crossers with buugeng
Throw, Switch, Catch
Playing with the magnetics shapes
Playing with magnetics shapes, part 2

4 buugengs:
Swastica opening and closing
Swastica opening and closing left hand
Transition from same direction to opposite direction repair
Liquid wave one hand

Partner Buugeng:
Outwards and inwards
Fingerspin partner buugeng
Same direction opposite rotation partner buugeng
Liquid wave on partner



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