North of Israel

Hello dear flow community from Israel and the whole world. Celebrating our sixth aniversery of creation in the amazing buugeng and flowart world, the third year that the amazing lucero ponce join us and the first time of the master dancers avishag efrati and revital ayzenberg join to the teachers team.

We decided to work together to create for us all, three days in nature, full of workshops, soul-lifting music, ecstatics dance, Hummus, Symbolico and huge amount of love and freedom!

Every day of our three freedom days will start with a yoga class with lucero and will continue with extensive workshops for all levels: buugeng, quad buugeng, poi, hula-hoop, tribal fusion, belly dance, slack line, balance and more.

Every noon we will have a brake with great chill music so we can practice together and share our skills.

After finishing the workshop around afternoon we will enter to the chill-out-garden.

into the night we will experience free expression zone full of music, ecstatics and even an open stage for your flow.

I always dreamed about a festival that will fit exactly for jugglers and flow lovers , who need their privacy and the comfortable safe zone to practice. And if this can happen in the main dance floor, right in front of the DJ and crazy sound system then it seems like my dream is coming true!

So who is this mini festival for? Jugglers, flow and circus artists, dancers, every soul who craves for ecstatics and for the connection between dance and flow.


the location!

Here are some pictures of the location. The name of the place will not be published, directions and location at waze will be sent to registrants only

Dear travelers from outside Israel- it will be our pleasure to host you in Israel! You are more than welcome to reach out via email so we can gift you a humble discount coupon to the BuugengJAHLand

The happy joiners to our piece of heaven will enjoy a 25% discount coupon for an online Buugeng course with Gustave AND a 10% discount at BuugengJAH shop

Entrance to the event or event compound to those who did not sign up in advance will not be possible, excluding crew and helpers, That is to keep an intimate atmosphere and enjoy the maximum personal space for each of us to zone out flowing.

Based on last years’ experience the event is designed for a small and limited amount of participants, the content of the workshops and party’s line-up will be expanded in correlation to the number of tickets sold. All of that while keeping the feeling of family and ease as much as the location allows us.

The level of professionalism of Buugeng artists in Israel has increased greatly in recent years.

So I decided to hold a dance contest with Buugeng!

For newcomers in the community, Gustavo’s Buugeng course can be a great homework for you to help you be ready with a dance for the competition

Everyone can participate, even if you’ve just started spinning Buugeng.

So what do we need? Build 20-30 seconds of choreography, smooth flow, rhythm and rotation changes, movement with the body, and anything you think fit to add, and most importantly a wide smile.

In fact, we are all first place because this amazing flow is revealed to us and entered our lives, but the three best acts will even win the prize:

The first place winner will return home with the JAHMBuugeng

The third place winner will return home with the newest and most treasured Buugeng in the world -SKELETON EGG Buugeng

For those who have not yet met, it is 4 buugeng that makes the triple easily and modular

The second place winner will return home with SKELETON EGG JAHMBbuugeng

For those who have not yet met, it is the contact Buugang that turns into Triple Buugeng.

Good luck to everyone

I will soon publish the music that will be played during the contest




Gustavo Ollitta is a Brazilian circus artist specialized on Buugeng, Poi, Slack Rope and Balance techniques. Since 2007, he does researches of Manipulation,starting to practice with Poi and straight after with Buugeng on 2009. On 2010 he released his first research of Buugeng with Malabarize-se on YouTube video "Flow". since then, he became a world reference on Buugeng, with more than 2.5million views, bringing Buugeng to the world! On 2011, Gustavo Travelled to Europe to participate on the Contemporary Circus course of Scuola di Cirko Vertigo-Italy(2011-2013) and Combine his experience of more than 10 years of Flowarts to the world of Circus!


• Lucero Ponce is a Peruvian Flow Artist, Certified 200hr yoga teacher, Specialized on Hula Hoop, Bellydance, Buugeng and Balance. Being a pasionated to the world of body expression, she started on 2010 taking classes of modern dance as Belly dance and contemporary. At the same year, she got inroduced to the phylosophy and practice of Yoga and meditation. On 2015 She started to develop Flowarts techniques, starting with Hulahoop and combining her experience of body expression into the world of Flowarts. Bringing new concepts of how to se props on a powerfull and unique way! On 2018, after 7 years of Yoga practice she got certified on 200H Yoga Teacher Training on Thailand

Gustavo and Lucero

Gustavo and Lucero forms the company Equilibra, A duo that has already performed and teached as solo and duo at TV shows, Juggling and Music Festivals, Retreats, Conferences and Galas in more than 25 countries around Europe, Asia, North America , Middle Easter and South America! Always bringing new concepts of Flowarts, circus and dance technique to the world! Website: www.equilibraperformance.com


"Symbolico project is about combination between ambient vibes and groovy rhythms. A musical expression of deep insights that empower you to follow and develop your dreams into your life. Lets spiral!" Symbolico. BuugengGAH " The highlight of our retreat is going to be Symblico live set, after long time i've been looking for special music to accompany my journey in the flow world I found Orr Ron's music, one of the greatest musicians that made me drift deep into the sounds and flow and connect to mother nature vibes.. Once the set starts im sure you all will feel the same as I. What a better way to complete a flow retreat, with Symbolico sound?!"


Avishag Efrati, is an experienced dancer and choreographer of oriental dance after many years of performing in festivals around the globe, Avishag created a new style called "PSY-DANCE BY AVISHAG" This dance style is an adaptation of ethnic dance to electronic music and performances at trance parties. In the past ten years Avishag has performed at many parties and festivals in Israel and around the world, among them Ozora and Boom together with great artists from the field: Shpongle, Juno Reactor, Loud, Matbucha Project, Balkan Beat Box and more.


Revital Aysenberg, a dancer, creator and choreographer in the field of belly dancing in Israel, is the second generation of the belly dance school in Petah Tikva. Revital is a certified teacher with extensive experience in Israel and abroad. Revital is training dancers, as well as a representative group of women, and even serves as a mentor for many young girls who joined the school as a child. Over the course of the last decade Revital has surpassed countless stages in Israel and abroad with leading musical artists, including the Boom festival in Portugal.


Hanan Harush, flow artist, entrepreneur in the field of flow arts, industrial designer, founder of Buugengjah, and the producer of the event. Hanan started his path at the family business as a carpenter, about 10 years ago he was drawn to the world of flow with a growing addiction to movement, through the following years Hanan developed ground breaking ideas and flow props unlike anything that existed in the Buugeng field, developing modular props which allows the artist and the viewers to experience a new kind of visual manipulation and flow. Hanan gained much experience teaching and giving different flow workshops, building choreography with many different types of music and vibe in Israel and around the world- including OZORA festival in Hungary and the BOOM festival in Portugal, sharing a stage with amazing artist such as Shpongle, Grouch, Sorian, Kaya project, Symbolico and many more.



dancing meditation workshop which allows complete and total physical expression. In this workshop we will join in for an individual centering, self-love and non-self-love, accepting that witch is different. We ask you to listen and follow the instructor’s guidance, after which we will choose the music together and let ourselves be washed over by music, closing the session with meditation

Basics & Key Movements of buugeng (90 minutes)

You Just started playing with buugeng? So this is the opportunity for you to start the journey of buugeng, you Will be able to learn all the concepts of 1 & 2 beats, fingerspin, liquid weave and much more so you can follow easilly the next classes of the retreat without any doubts

2 buugengs new techniques 2019!

This workshop is being developed right now! With the new techniques that we are discovering everyday that we practice, we promise to bring a lot of originality to you!! Be ready to learn many new and fun concepts of contact, throws and catches, with a lot of innovation and creaivity! how to manipulate your buugeng on a way that is still not revealed to the world !

Shaping with magnetics

Learn how to create and play with unique shapes with your collapsible buugengs! During this workshop we Will immerse into the world of magnetics, creating dinamics and kinetics figures with the force of the positive and negative together 4 buugengs introduction & exploration Learn how to play with 2 buugengs in each hand ! During this workshop we Will immerse into the world of new and old concepts of playing with 4 buugengs! You Will learn new grips and new shapes that are able to make with the Power of your grips

Equilibra workshop (all about that balance!)

The Equilibra Workshop is a new concept that we are bringing now to you learn how to work with your own balance! During this workshop, the student will pass through exercises that works on the opposites. From the relaxation of muscle through the breath techniques to the awareness of the mind and body to Just yourslef,or your equipment to be balanced!. Do you want to balance a buugeng, a hoop a chair? Good so go with Luh! this is the opportunity to you know all the tips to make your own balance on the chest, forehead, chin, hand or wherever you want! Do you want to know the secret of balance on a rope/slackline and to be able to do handstands? Good so go With Luh! The technique of slackrope, created on the traditional circus will give you exercises of steping, walking, balancing on a simple rope. It brings a lot of breath techniques and alignement to the body, to make it easier to be still on to top of a rope. The most fun part of this workshop is that you dont even need to know how to be still and walk on a rope, Gustavo will guide you to learn acrobatic tricks on the top of the rope that doesn’t acquire any special preview skills

Throwing and juggling your 2 buugengs+ hugging your buugeng With Buugengjah!

Throwing and juggling your 2 buugengs+ hugging your buugeng With Buugengjah! Buugengjah is ready to bring for the retreat concepts of juggling with 1 & 2 buugengs! On this workshop everybody Will have the chance to know how to do throws and catches with buugeng, expanding the universe of buugeng to goes out from the hands and body! Be ready to explore the unlimited world of buugeng with us !

* PSY DANCE workshop by AVISHAG

* The ultimate dance for tribal fusion and trance lovers!This workshop combines 6 dance styles and it's real treat for your body and soul.You are welcome to wear your best party costume for the workshop and feel like a true fairy

*Alternative Poi workshop

Do you play wih poi? Yes? Good! This is the opportunity to learn advanced concepts that you can apply for 2, 3 & 4 pois with Gustavo Ollitta! and in paralell to this, we Will have a session of partner techniques with Gustavo and Lucero!

Fresh yoga mornings

through meditation, Asanas (postures ) and Pranayama (Breathing techniques) , We will bring calm and balance to your body, mind and soul every morning to have a fresh start of the Day!

ShapinHoop Class

The Hula Hoop workshop combines the art of dance and body workout with rings, passing thourgh movements on the whole body. On this way, we potencialize the body strenght on a unusual and playfull way entering into the state of moving meditation and activating joiness and connetcion with the hoop. With exercises of warm up, stretching, dance, We Will explore distincts possibilities of manipulation and movement with inner body hoop tricks and off body tricks. We Will Explore our own style of dance with more organic ways to play.

Belly Dance Workshop with Revital

I invite you to a dance workshop that combines dance and belly dancing with a variety of oriental rhythms !!! It is a thrilling experience, a body release and a body-mind connection. It is important to note that the workshop is suitable for both men and women. I will open the workshop with a sweeping dance performance that will make you simply stand up and nod. Then I will tell my story through techniques and movements that have been passed down from generation to generation. We will dance to songs and oriental music that will be exciting and make us smile.

The price per participant is 560 shekel- tax included ( and Friday noon Hummus), a 25% discount for Gustavo’s online Buugeng course & a 10% discount coupon for BuugengJAH store.

At the end of registration process you will receive an e-mail with your discount coupons, information and more technical details.

for more questions feel free to send us massege

Thank you so much my beloved community for allowing this amazing dream to manifest into reality!

bless and love from BuugengJAH family